As a singer-songwriter I found my voice and an outlet to express thoughts, feelings & stories... Some have been my own & very personal, some have belonged to those close to me and others were gleaned from that place between abstract thought and observation. Writing & sharing music has been a life-long adventure, and I’ve been fortunate to have so many wonderful fans who’ve been along for the ride.


For the past few years I've had the time to write & record some songs that I'm really excited about. I've had the chance to take my time and just create and experiment without any boundaries. Writing songs just for the love of writing songs without any other motivation or agenda. So I've decided to release one song every week for the foreseeable future. The first collection of songs is a project called Paper Cuts that i started right after recording the Lifehouse album Smoke and Mirrors. It is a collection of songs written during that time period, and also a re-imagining of songs that were written in the early 2000's that never really found a home on any of the records. Some of these songs are very special to me, and I have been carrying them around for years without an outlet for them to be heard. I'm really looking forward to sharing these songs with you one track at a time.